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    New Rehab Chair…. Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 with ELEVATION/TILT/RECLINEunverified ad

    Price: $2 500.00
    October 14, 2019
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    Ad ID: 5327
    Original Purchase Date?: 2015
    Condition: Brand New
    Purpose: Sell
    Model Year: 2015
    Color: Blue

    Barely Used 2015 Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 chair with tons of additions. 12 Miles, originally for a lady with MS. This chair is a beautiful electric blue and has the tilt-recline seating system for individuals with immobility to avoid long periods stuck at just one angle!  Seat elevation was added later, so in effect the chair raises to eye-level! The seat is set for 17" from footplate so ideal for teen or adult around 5 feet or so. Also adjustable! (Specs available by request)  Seat is 20 x 20 inches. An attendant control is mounted to back of chair for third person control. Q-logic 3 joystick. The original price tag was $31,000.00, prices I see online are around $8-9000 (Marcs Mobility) for the newer version of this particular model, even with more miles! Additional parts are available from Quantum if ever needed. Have order forms for cupholder etc. to be added.

    The front control is Q-logic 2 Ex and you see in pics that a foldaway control was put in since the user could barely move her hands- this joystick is miniature for ease of use in complex rehab patients... the offboard battery charger, original delivery ticket, manual, order forms, and more video are available. Type of Battery: 8 AMP CTE charger/NF22 batteries. (My husband is a mechanic, and made sure they can bear a load, etc).  We are in Frederick County,MD.  Feel free to check out this awesome machine! Please text to my number for any Q? We could even deliver within a certain radius- so thankful for this website!  We prefer payment in bank check or good ole cash, and price is somewhat flexible.

    Laura and John

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    Phone: 240-285-4437
    Address: Maryland,