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    February 22, 2021
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    Condition: Used
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    Color: Black

    Used Permobil M300 in good condition. Has a few scratches. All features working properly. Battery charger included. It runs up to 7 miles per hour. My brother used it to be able to go up ramps for transportation for the city's PACE system. It's strong enough to navigate city streets, even in inclement weather. It operates with a joy stick with minimal effort and simplicity of use. It was used for a couple of years by my brother to travel to dialysis and stores.

    Design & Function
    The Permobil M300 is an electric mid-wheel drive wheelchair for outdoor and
    indoor driving. It is intended for people with physical disabilities.
    The wheelchair consists of a chassis and a seat. The chassis contains the
    wheelchair’s electronics, power supply and drive functions. The seat consists
    of a seat frame, seat plate/back rest, arm rest/leg rest, seat lift/fixed seat tube
    and any accessories/options such as a head rest, calf rest, chest support, etc.
    In this owner´s manual, we have chosen to show the wheelchair with our Corpus
    3G-seat. However, the operation of the chassis and most of its functions are the
    same regardless of the seat model chosen.

    Permobil M300 can be combined with different seat models, which are supplied
    with a separate user manual. The seat’s electrical functions are operated using
    the control panel or the seat’s ICS control panel (if your wheelchair is so equipped). For safety reasons, the seat’s electrical functions may in certain situations
    restrict the usage of other seat functions or the wheelchair’s maximum speed. In
    certain situations a seat function may even prevent the wheelchair from moving.
    Seat lift
    Permobil M300 can be fitted with an electrically controlled seat lift that allows the
    seat to be raised steplessly up to 8 inches in order to adjust its height to tables,
    benches, etc.
    Seat angle
    Permobil M300 can be fitted with an electrically controlled seat angle function
    that makes it possible to adjust the seat angle steplessly up to 50°.

    Circuit Breaker
    The M300 is equipped with an automatic Circuit Breaker, which can be reset after
    having been triggered. It also functions as a battery isolator and is controlled (ON/
    OFF) via the lever located inside the hole at the bottom of the rear battery cover.
    Charging socket
    The charging socket is located on the control panel.

    The wheelchair’s batteries are located under the covers of the chassis. Both of
    the batteries are easily accessible for maintenance and replacement.

    The wheelchair’s rear wheels, the drive wheels, are available with pneumatic
    or Flat-Free (Foam Filled) tires. The front wheels, the caster wheels, have solid
    polyurethane tires.
    Lights and reflectors
    The wheelchair is equipped with reflectors on the front, rear and sides. Front/
    rear lights and turn indicators are optional.

    Shock absorber
    The wheelchair is equipped with four shock absorbers.
    Adjustment should to be performed by personnel who are well-acquainted with
    the design and functionality of the M300. When adjustment is needed, contact
    your nearest Authorized Permobil Service Center.

    The Permobil M300 is equipped with a drive package for each drive wheel.
    The drive package consists of an electric motor with a drive gear and magnetic
    wheel lock.

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