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    How to Buy Second Hand Used Power Wheelchairs Online

    Buying second hand used power wheelchairs online isn’t as easy as it sounds! Just like on classified websites, you’ll need to be weary of scammers. If something seems fishy, it probably is! Rule number one is always trust your gut when trying to buy a used electric wheelchair online. For instance, if the seller is requesting money prior to you seeing the wheelchair that is not a good sign.

    Financial Safety Tip: Our staff recommends that you use a service like escrow.com who can hold funds until a delivery is made. It is a neutral 3rd party and any reasonable person should be OK with using an escrow service.

    If you are looking to sell a used power wheelchair online, you can post your electric wheelchair directly on our website and avoid the low ball offers that a local store will give you. They will do that only to mark up your unit to earn a profit. You can make money on that difference rather than the company. So list with confidence on BuySellWheelchair.com. You’ll see many listings have sold pretty quickly. Do take our financial safety tip!

    Types of Used Power Wheelchairs for Sale Online

    The first type of popular used power wheelchair for sale online we see is the second hand travel electric wheelchair. These are some of the most popular because they are relatively easy to travel with but do come with a couple of disadvantages. One of them being that they are not as comfortable as full-size or heavy duty power wheelchairs. This is because the goal of these are to remain lightweight and with heavier seats it would be very difficult to transport these types of wheelchairs. Most of the used power wheelchairs you will see can usually be identified as travel chairs if they appear lighter and smaller than a full-size unit.

    The second type of product you’ll find often is the full-size power wheelchairs for sale. These units aren’t ideal for traveling but also are not heavy duty. They are simply average sized. They have more comfortable seating but weigh more. This extra weight comes in the form of a larger motor as well as batteries to help you not only go faster but further as well.

    The last common product you’ll see is heavy duty used power wheelchairs which are built with reinforced frames for heavier users. The engine and batteries are usually larger than average sized wheelchairs to help support the extra weight capacity.

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