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    Custom 2023 Bounder 300 Plus Wheelchairunverified ad

    Price: $27 000.00
    April 11, 2024
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    Original Purchase Date?: 1/27/2024
    Condition: Used
    Purpose: Sell
    Model Year: 1940
    Color: Red

    Custom 2023 Bounder 300 Plus Wheelchair  - SUPER FAST 12 MPH

     This custom wheelchair is a one of a kind power wheelchair that will let you go FURTHER and FASTER than any other wheelchair out there.

    This chair is nearly brand new and has been driven less than 10 miles. It is in Mint Condition.


    - 12 MPH TOP SPEED

    - 120 MILES DRIVING RANGE  (For Real!)


    - Dual Super Torque 6-Pole Motors

    - Independent Drive Wheel Suspension (IDWS) - improves ride quality and traction 

    - Power Seating with Tilt, Recline & Foot Elevation

    - 13 Inch Power Seat Elevation

    - LINX 3.5” Color Touchscreen Joystick with Bluetooth & Infared that can control a phone, - computer, tablet and even any TV, DVD, Fan, etc. Powerful! 

    - Xtra Duty Large 9” x 3.50" aluminum caster wheels - with oversized 5/8" ID (inside diameter) wheel bearings. Excellent on uneven and rough terrain.

    - 13" × 4.00" steel/aluminum drive wheels - available with smooth or knobby treads

    - LiNX 120 Amp Motor Controller

    - Powerful Dual LED Headlights & Tail Lights

    - Off-Road Tires

    - Xtra Duty 12 Position Adjustable Suspension Forks

    - Dual USB Ports & 1  12V Port to Charge All Your Devices

    - Tight Turning Radius great for indoors and getting in mini-vans

    - Extreme Durability - Made to Last a Lifetime 

    - Improved Traction Control

    - Ultra Quiet brakes - eliminates the anoying click heard like on all other wheelchairs when starting and stopping

     - Durable H-style frame uses 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.125” wall steel - TIG welded for superior strength

    - Durable 0.120” wall steel seat rails and back posts - for extra strong seat and back

    - Durable Powder Coated  Frame - Red

    - Specialty controls (sip & puff, switch controls, head arrays, etc.) are available 

    This chair is practically brand new. Mint Condition. Driven less then 10 miles. This custom built Bounder 300 Plus wheelchair has so many features that makes it unique and unlike any other wheelchair in the world. This is by far the fastest wheelchair on the market. ALL other wheelchair on the market (Permobil, Invacare, Quantum, Pride, Quickie, etc.) have a top speed of 7.5mph or less. An exclusive key feature with this wheelchair is you can also EASILY change out the gear ratio by swapping out the gears so the chair can go 8.6 mph or up to 12 mph…. or potentially even faster. This chair comes with both 8.6 Mph & 12 

    Mph gears. This wheelchair goes incredibly fast! And it handles and drives better than all the other chairs! Motors can also be swapped out easily to provide different driving options for the user. Changing out the gears or motors takes less than 1 hour. 

    A lot of engineering and design has went into this wheelchair to make it easy to service and customize to the users needs…by the user or any wheelchair technician. A custom one-of-a-kind Lithium Battery has been made specifically for just this wheelchair exclusively that gives it a incredible driving range in real world situations for up to 120 miles per charge. This chair is designed to get you out in nature and go everywhere you want to go. Battery can be fully charged in less than three hours. This 230 AH Lithium Battery is brand new. It has Bluetooth capability and can connect to your phone to check the status of the battery and its usage. The Bluetooth can also be turned off, so it’s not transmitting when you don’t want to have it transmitting. You will not find this custom-made lithium battery or its capacity on any other wheelchair in the world! This Lithium Battery has a 10+ year lifespan. This chair also has two USB ports and one 12V cigarette lighter outlet so you can plug in all of your devices to charge them directly from this huge Lithium Battery. Even though this battery has a huge energy capacity, it weighs less than the standard factory wheelchair batteries. 30 pounds less! It still has the same physical size as regular wheelchair batteries. This chair also comes with Powerful Dual LED Driving Lights and the tail lights which makes it very safe to drive at night to see and be seen. This chair has a custom built-in horn which is incredibly loud and fun to honk! No more wimpy wheelchair “beep-beep” horn. This powerful horn will make sure you are heard! This chair has all the power seating options a chair can have so you can sit and ride in comfort. It has Power tilt, Power Recline. Power Foot Elevation. Power Seat Elevation up to 13 inches. Another great and unique design feature is the Quick Access Battery Tray that is also designed into the chair so with the flip of a switch/lever you can release the battery and it removes with a slide out tray that you can remove or access the battery from the back of the chair. Very convenient! No tools needed! Another incredibly great feature with this chair is that there is NO CASTER FLUTTER OR SHAKING!!! No more shaking of the casters wheels like ALL other wheelchairs do when you drive them down the road. These caster wheels are incredibly well built and are large and wide 9” x 3.5” caster wheels and have xtra heavy duty forks and super strong bearings. Everything is built incredibly tough and made to last and handle whatever you throw at it! FAR SUPER to any other chair on the market! This chair is great to drive in the mud, snow or sand because of the wider tires too. There is even optional wider and larger off-road tires that can be purchased to go on this chair. This chair still has the same width, length and height of other wheelchairs so it can go everywhere other chairs go…and more. This chair can easily be driven into small spaces like minivans or in and around tight spaces inside. Unlike other wheelchairs that are mid-wheel drive or front wheel drive this chair is rear wheel drive and so it’s very intuitive and easy to drive. Just like a car. Unlike other chairs it’s better for handling and not fish tailing when driving fast. 

    This custom made 2023 wheelchair has unique features with the joystick which has a 3.5 inch color LCD touchscreen that has built-in bluetooth and infrared capabilities also so you can program any of your infrared remotes like your TV, fan, DVD player, etc. to be all controlled from the wheelchair joystick. You can also connect the joystick wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone or tablet or computer and use it to control any of those devices completely. You can plug in external adaptive switches like egg switches to operate as buttons like a mouse from the joystick that can be mounted anywhere on the wheelchair, including the headrest. This chair also can be connected to other alternative input devices to control and operate the wheelchair like Sip & Puff, head array or a chin control joystick, or other ways to drive it. These optional driving devices you would have to purchase separately.

    This custom built 2023 Bounder 300 Plus Wheelchair  is built like a tank and made to last a lifetime. You will not find another wheelchair like it ANYWHERE.

    Chair Driven Less than 10 Miles. Like New. Mint Condition.

    This custom made power wheelchair will let you go FURTHER and FASTER then any other wheelchair out there. 

    You will not find a wheelchair like this ANYWHERE! This custom power wheelchair is one of a kind. This wheelchair will let you go FURTHER and FASTER then any other wheelchair out there. 

    If you have any questions, please give me a call. I do not respond to text. There is too many scams out there, so please serious inquiries only. 

    Price - $27,000

    Free delivery within 300 miles. $300 delivery for anywhere in the U.S. 


    Call Jason @ #360-#461-5865


    God Bless

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