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    Price: $2 000.00
    April 26, 2021
    Views: 1902
    Ad ID: 12421
    Original Purchase Date?: 7/2020
    Condition: Brand New
    Purpose: Sell
    Color: Grey

    Bought in haste after bad diagnosis, never used brand new. 2000$ firm. Indoor/outdoor chair that can handle a variety of terrain. Comes with all accessories from factory, Travel Bag, Back Pack, Cup Holder and Side Arm Pouch.

    The Deluxe Wide models were made to be even wider between the arm rests, for users who required a larger and more comfortable seating area. These are what we consider the 'upper range' in terms of width in the seating area, so they are suitable for users up to 330 lbs in weight.

    These Deluxe Wide Models boast a comfortable and taller back support at 17.5" in height and 19.5" in width, for greater comfort. With this frame size, you will have a wheel base at about 26", but the widest point will be between the arm rests, at 26.75".

    All of the Deluxe Models have larger more comfortable arm rest pads, a better and more comfortable foot rest position and a more comfortable contoured seat cushion.

    These features & adjustments include the patented Removable Motors to Lighten the Lifting Weight, a 5-position fully Reclining Back Support, a 3-position Adjustable Height Arm Rests, a 4-position Adjustable Height Foot Rest Plate, and an optional 4.5" length Foot Rest Extension for taller users or those who need to stretch their legs, which can put the foot rest farther away from the chair.

    Light and folds easily to fit in trunk. Works perfectly fine with no issues. Not a scratch on it. Retails for 2500$