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    Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 iLevel power wheelchairunverified ad

    Price: $8 500.00
    November 22, 2021
    Views: 235
    Ad ID: 15536
    Original Purchase Date?: 10/1/18
    Condition: Used
    Purpose: Sell
    Model Year: 2017
    Color: Black

    This Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 ILEVEL power wheelchair is in great condition. It retailed for 32,152.50 new. Starting asking price is $8,500. (The wheelchair repairman suggested I start at $14,000). It’s fully loaded – please see the itemized list on photo. (More photos and documentation to follow)

    The powerchair is almost like new. It was delivered December 7, 2018 and was lightly used for just eight months. It hasn’t been used for two years, so it’s like a 2020 or even 2021 powerchair, but they go down in price as time goes on like cars, so whoever offers the best price should be getting a very good deal.

    It has been checked out by a powerchair company and is working great. Some tags are still attached.

    The joystick and controls are on the left side. The powerchair repair company is coming out next week to switch the joystick and controls to the right side, which is an easy and inexpensive fix. In the meantime, if you’re a lefty or your loved one is a lefty, check it out soon.

    No shipping. I live in Gaithersburg, MD. Set up a time to come try it out.

    I’ll probably take the best offer as of the end of November.

    • Stylish and versatile power chair
    • Easy and responsive handling
    • Power seating system
    • Combination power tilt & recline
    • Power leg elevation system
    • Seat elevation system
    • Backrest recline and tilt
    • Expandable controller
    • New 22NF batteries
    • Swingaway joystick
    • Headrest w/Detachable hardware
    • Positioning backrest: Quantum Tru Comfort
    • Roho Hi Profile Cushion
    • Seat size:  18” wide x 22” deep
    • Serial Number JD832318306020
    • Charger, Manual included

    From www.quantumrehab.com

    The Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 is one of the latest models in Pride Mobility's Power Chair lineup. With features like standard 6.5 mph motors, advanced responsiveness, and optional iLevel® power adjustable seat height, the Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user even over variable outdoor terrain. The Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 also has a Turning Radius of 20.5 inches and allows easy navigation even in tight indoor spaces.

    About iLevel® Power Chairs

    iLevel® Power Chairs feature a revolutionary new power chair design for a better experience.

    iLevel improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat fully elevated while at walking speed (at 4.5 mph).

    iLevel's patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living.

    iLevel® Power Wheelchairs feature a revolutionary new power chair design for a better experience. iLevel from Quantum® improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat fully elevated while at speeds at 4.5 mph.

    The world is not designed around seated height, and unfortunately wheelchair users for too long have been excluded from many everyday functional tasks and interactions beyond their physical reach. iLevel is a feature that can dramatically increase the quality of life for power chair users.

    For users, this means being able to grocery shop while elevated; this means navigating crowds at eye level; this means accessing high-top tables in restaurants; and, this means strolling the walking path arm-in-arm with your partner. Of course, simply being able to adjust the seat height, with added stability, makes transfers safer.

    Specifically, iLevel can benefit you if:

    • You have difficulty, or need assistance, to transfer from surfaces (beds, toilets, shower chairs, car/van seats, etc.) that are higher than the seat on motorized wheelchairs
    • You have difficulty, or need assistance, to reach high enough to access one or more of the following areas at home, school, work, or the community:
      • Dresser drawers; clothes rod, washer or dryer
      • Medicine cabinet; bathroom sink/faucet; mirror; shower head/faucet
      • Freezer/refrigerator; oven/stove (including light/exhaust fan switches); microwave, cupboards/shelves; counter; sink/faucet; disposal switch
      • Light switches; thermostat; fire alarm; wall phone; speaker; door eye hole/viewer; doorbell; elevator buttons
    • You have difficulty seeing where you are going, moving through crowds, or safely crossing the street from a low (standard) seat height in motorized wheelchairs
    • You experience neck pain, have difficulty seeing or hearing those standing nearby when seated in power wheelchairs
    • You experience any difficulty sitting in motorized wheelchairs as a result of looking up or reaching overhead

    Consider this wheelchair like a 2020 model car in terms of use. It has not been used since the summer of 2019 except to test it out and is in excellent condition.

    Thanks for looking.

    Method of Payment:
    Contact Information
    Phone: 2406431900
    Address: Maryland,