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    Where Can I Sell My Electric Wheelchair?

    You might be on Google searching for a website that allows you to sell used wheelchairs. If that's the case, then you're in the right place. This website was created because there are tons of expensive wheelchair and scooters out there that end up never being used. Whether you have inherited a power wheelchair due to a recent loss or if you're planning on upgrading and want to fund your next purchase by selling your current wheelchair here you can list your power chair for sale online. Our website is partnered with some of the biggest online retailers such as Mobilityscootersdirect.com and refer any inquiries for used products to our website. We have thousands of people coming to our website asking for used products and putting your listing on our site is a great way to get some exposure. You don't need to add your address or personal info, simply provide a form of contact info whether it's email or phone and potential customers will reach out to you.

    How To List Your Wheelchair For Sale Online

    If you have an electric wheelchair that you're looking to sell, you can list it for sale on our website easily. Simply visit our homepage (or click here) and click on the link to create an ad. On the next page, you'll see 3 options for creating a listing. The first option is 5$ and only allows for one picture while the other listings require a posting fee to allow for multiple pictures and having your listing featured various pages on our site that receive traffic from our marketing efforts. Choose the package that makes the most sense for you and then proceeds to the next page to create your account. You will need to provide a valid email and then verify your account in order to create a listing as shown in the image below. create_your_account Once your account is created you can then begin creating your first listing which is very easy to do. If you have trouble simply contact us and a representative will help you. Please note that we manually review all listing submissions for quality control. Please not post any items for sale that are not related to our product categories or that are non-operational (missing batteries are fine).

    List Your Used Power Wheelchair For Sale Online With Ease

    companies-that-buy-used-power-chairs-2-1024x516Once your account is created you can begin creating your listing. Be sure to describe the unit to the best of your ability with as much content as possible in the description section. Be sure to explain how often the unit was used, for how long it was used, what condition the unit is in and perhaps why you're selling it as these are common questions that potential buyers will likely ask you. Using high definition pictures and video of your product is often the best way to show a potential buyer your product. Our website supports Vimeo and Youtube video links, simply upload a video to Youtube then copy and paste the video's web address (hyperlink) in the provided video section of the listing page. Like any other type of cash deals, you should always exercise caution when dealing with strangers. If you can, plan to meet in a public place and ask for a copy of the customer's ID so you can make a copy during the time of sale. By using our website you agree to the terms and conditions and also understand that you are at your own risk when dealing with any of the sellers on our website. We manually review all listings for quality control but cannot guarantee that there aren't any fraudsters out there.

    Best Practices For Second-hand Power Wheelchair Shopping

    Don't let an appealingly low price cloud your judgment when searching for goods online in general.  As the good old saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"... Please review the tips below that are the best practices for dealing with strangers. In-person meet-ups are always best. If possible try to bring someone along with you as well and meet in a public place like a busy shopping plaza. Don't take large amounts of cash with you when meeting someone you don't know for the first time. Our website does not handle payment. We do not guarantee any payments will be made. It is up to you to follow basic steps to protect yourself.


    • Never hand over the product without receiving payment or cash from the buyer first. In some cases when dealing with digital payments, some transactions can be reversed, we always recommend cash when dealing with strangers
    • If you are being paid in cash, study the cash for signs of counterfeit notes. Visit this website for tips on how to identify counterfiet money.
    • If you're mailing or shipping an item to a buyer, make sure to pay for insurance and to require a signature at arrival to have proof that the item was received by the buyer. Also ask for a photocopy of buyers ID and ensure that the send to (recipient) matches the name on the ID.
    • If you are receiving money through PayPal, ensure you meet the requirements of their seller protection scheme. This includes retaining proof of delivery that can be tracked online.
    • If you are receiving money through PayPal or other online payment services, don't rely on an email confirmation that you have received funds as this may have been faked. Always log into your account to confirm this by typing the address directly into your browser (don't follow links in the email). Also note that PayPal does NOT hold funds pending delivery of an item.


    • This might be common sense but remember if you send money or pay for an item without receiving it, you might not receive the item or you might receive an item that is not as described.
    • If you're required to make payment before receiving the item, consider using Paypal as they offer protection to individuals who make a purchase but never receive the item.

    How Much Is a Used Electric Wheelchair Worth?

    If you're having trouble deciding how much to sell your scooter or power wheelchair for you can always search the web for the cost of a new unit and then reduce the price by at least 50% depending on how old the unit is. If it is a lightly used product, you could try offering it for 70% of the cost of a new unit to see if someone bites. Unfortunately, when you sell something privately it does not always include a warranty and in-home service contract so buying a used product would only be advantageous if it was priced very low.
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