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    Where Can I Sell My Mobility Scooter?

    Many customers find us online when they're searching terms like: "I want to sell my mobility scooter?" If you find yourself in a similar situation, you've come to the right place. Whether you have a travel, folding, full-size, or heavy-duty mobility scooter; we have the visitors that are looking for what you have. Getting top dollar when you sell used mobility scooters should be a top priority. That is why we created this website. Many people often wonder, where can I sell my mobility scooter? Online is now an option with BuySellWheelchairs.com. Even though wheelchairs is in our name, we are very experienced in helping customers with their mobility scooters. In fact, our partner company is one of the largest authorized resellers of NEW mobility scooters in the country. You can learn more about Mobility Scooters Direct here. Every day agents from Mobility Scooters Direct refer customers to this website when they ask us to buy used mobility scooters. The beauty of BuySellWheelchairs.com is that you can now list your mobility scooter right where there are people searching for exactly what you have. These visitors will typically value your mobility scooter a bit more than those on other websites. This is because many mobility product owners come to our website as opposed to dealers or resellers trying to make hefty profits.

    How Much is My Used Mobility Scooter Worth?

    Depending on the age, condition, brand, type, and other factors will determine how much your used mobility scooter worth. In order to help you understand typical values, we will share our expertise with you and break it down by type of mobility scooter.
    • Sell used travel mobility scooter - Travel scooters are typically the lowest cost scooters. Some examples of travel mobility scooters would be a Pride Go Go Scooter. This is one of the most popular types of used mobility scooters for sale we typically see. Because there is ample supply and the cost of a brand new unit is relatively low, we typically see used Pride Go Go mobility scooters for sale going for roughly 35%-50% of the original purchase price. The sellers who get more money for these types of used travel mobility scooters are the ones that are in pristine condition.
    • Sell used folding mobility scooter - Folding scooters can be quite expensive for good reason. There are some models that can automatically fold by the click of a button. One of the most popular types of used folding mobility scooters would be the Transformer Scooter by Solax Mobility. Brand new, these typically run around $2,300.00. The used folding mobility scooter worth will be dependent on if it folds automatically or manually, the age, condition, and brand. Similar to used travel scooters, a fair price is typically 35% to 55% of the original purchase price. Of course, the market always decides the fair price. If you are looking to sell a used folding mobility scooter fast, then you may want to list the price lower rather than higher.
    • Sell used full-size mobility scooter - Full-size mobility scooters are the type of mobility scooter that has been around the longest. Before technology kept advancing to allow for folding or travel scooters that you can take apart this is the only options consumers had. For this reason, there are some used full-size mobility scooters for sale that are quite old. We've seen these very old full-size mobility scooters for sale online for as cheap as $75.00. This is because parts are extremely hard to find so if it were to break or need a replacement part, it may be time to retire the unit. Therefore, it is hard to give a definitive answer as to how much you can get for your used full-size mobility scooter. If it is a newer unit, we've seen most consumers list the price around 25% to 50% the purchase price.
    • Sell used heavy duty mobility scooter - Heavy duty mobility scooters are built for traveling long distances, going over different types of terrain, or having more weight capacity than all other types of mobility scooters. One example of a heavy duty mobility scooter would be a Drive Medical King Cobra Scooter. These are typically the Mercedes Benz of mobility scooters with the most amount of features and best specifications that money can buy. For this reason, we typically see those who sell used heavy mobility scooters online to list at 30% to 60% of the purchase price depending on condition. For those looking for top dollar, you may need to wait quite a while as not many people have thousands and thousands to spend on a used mobility scooter.

    Creating a Listing to Sell a Used Mobility Scooter is Easy

    Creating a listing to sell a used mobility scooter has never been easier. With over 10 years of experience, we've created this website to be one of the most user-friendly websites on the internet. Listing a used mobility scooter for sale shouldn't be difficult or a hassle. However, keep in mind that having a picture is critical to increasing the likelihood that you generate interest in your product. Would you ever buy something without seeing a picture? Probably not. So just keep this in mind when created your listing. Adding several pictures is going to give your listing more views, we always recommend adding as many pictures as possible and even video if possible. The same applies to a description. If you just write a one-sentence description, you will likely not peak a potential buyers interest. Buyers like to know the pros and cons of the mobility scooter you have listed along with why you listed it if possible. Similar to buying a car you wouldn't want to buy a car if the seller is selling it because they are having problems that they cannot diagnose. We require a minimum of 300 words for the description, be sure to include all of the specifications and include a history of any damages that it may have as well as the condition that it is in.

    Taking Precautions When Buying or Selling a Mobility Scooter Online

    BuySellWheelchairs.com is a direct marketplace where consumers list their products and potential buyers connect with the consumers. BuySellWheelchairs.com does not manually approve listings of used mobility scooters. For this reason, you should take reasonable precautions. For instance, do not purchase a used mobility scooter online if you cannot go to physically view it and take it for a test drive. Please be aware that we do not facilitate payment or handle any part of the sales that take place between buyers and sellers. You also agree to the term and conditions on our site that can be found using the link at the bottom of the page when using our site to sell or buy products from our database of users. We look forward to seeing your listing online!
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