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    Search for second hand used mobility scooters for sale directly by the owner. Save big by bypassing dealers who will add a large markup. Looking to sell your mobility scooter? Sell for more!READ MORE

    Buying & Selling Used Mobility Scooters Online

    Buying or selling used mobility scooters online is simpler than ever with the help of BuySellWheelchairs.com. You’ll instantly notice that we’re the #1 go-to source for selling second hand mobility scooters online. Many of our visitors find us by going to Google and those who are looking to buy used handicap scooters usually head to Google first!

    There is a vast amount of inventory which is always changing so be sure to bookmark the website and come back if you do not find the exact product you are looking for.

    There is one thing you should be cautious about. Just like dealing with classified websites like Craigslist, you’ll always run into some people who are scammers. Be smart. Do not wire any money, and we encourage you to use a service like Escrow.com who is an independent 3rd party who will hold the funds until a product is received.

    Different Types of Used Mobility Scooters for Sale

    By browsing our website, you’ll see that there are plenty of different types of used mobility scooters for sale online. The most expensive smaller type of second hand scooter would be the folding scooter. These used folding scooters are fantastic if you are always on the go and need to fit the scooter into small places like the trunk of a car. However, the downside is that they are not the most comfortable for traveling long distances.

    The most common would be the travel handicap scooters a.k.a used travel mobility scooters. These are typically the cheapest used disability scooters that you will find because they have a limited travel range and the parts are designed to be lightweight.

    The next size up would be used full-size mobility scooters for sale. With this type of mobility scooter, you can enjoy a longer travel range and in addition, a larger weight capacity. The downside to these types of scooters is that they weigh a bit more so traveling with them is more difficult and they are typically a bit more expensive when compared to lightweight travel scooters.

    Finally, there are heavy duty used mobility scooters which are superior in every aspect except traveling. These heavy duty scooters can weigh up to 400lbs but can travel in excess of 25 miles. They have more powerful motors which can often support a higher user weight capacity.

    Find Your Previously Owned Mobility Scooter Now

    Feel free to browse our website and view the various scooters listed directly from the sellers. Why pay more when buying a previously owned mobility scooter through a dealer when you can go direct to the owner? Enjoy your BuySellWheelchairs.com experience today!